The Steps for Getting Over an Emotional Affair

Published: 07th February 2012
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There's no doubt that emotional affairs can be detrimental to a marriage. And, without a doubt, getting over an emotional affair and rebuilding the trust in your relationship will take plenty of hard work.

Therefore, hopefully you will find the next lot of tips helpful for saving your relationship.

Communicating to One Another

After finding out about the emotional affair many questions may have surfaced like why did they begin having this emotional affair in the first place?, when did it all start? and will your partner leave you?

However, due to whatever reasons, often having feelings of guilt they may not wish to go into the details regarding the affair.

So, the first step in getting over an emotional affair is addressing these feelings and finding out the root cause of the problem. One thing you may wish to try is in a calm manner inform them that you would like to overcome this together.

Even then don’t expect instant answers to your questions. It may take hours or days before your partner is able to speak to you openly.

As you speak to them, use the word “we” rather than “I”. And, make it clear to them that you want to save your marriage without trying to pass judgement or looking down on your partner.

A Marriage Requires Investing In

If the relationship lacked time for one another try and spend more time with them and the kids to see if you can recreate the intimate moments you once shared as a couple.

It will help you to build and nurture a true partnership. One important thing to understand is that most people who've had an emotional affair are trying to escape from the hardships of their lives. Therefore, with some help and support to deal with the underlying issues getting over an emotional affair can be achieved.

Helping them to be Realistic

Often this is seen as a fantasy world, where they didn’t have to worry about money, debts, the house, the family, and everything else.

Where the other person may not have been aware of any of their failures or shortcomings they might have had this could have helped them to feel less stressed as well. That's why you should help your partner realize that expecting to live out such a life is not being realistic.

Tell him or her that if you take all the issues of your normal life to your fantasy life, things may not seem so perfect.
It's only really the false belief of life being hunky dory that will help keep an emotional affair alive. Destroying that illusion can help your partner in getting over an emotional affair.

Be committed to supporting one another especially when you're facing problems. Forming a strong relationship will require some serious team work.

Regaining Trust

Another important part of getting over an emotional affair is being able to rebuild trust with them again which can at first seem insurmountable. It may also seem only natural to constantly question whatever your spouse does.

So, positive communication is the key here. You can start this by saying to them that you're really hurt and don't understand how this happened. Rather than telling them directly that they hurt you.
This will make it known your feelings to your partner and give them the opportunity to change without needing to fight you.

Remember to feel open to sharing your problems and having respect for one another's wishes. Also, keep in mind that getting over an emotional affair is a long process that doesn't happen overnight. So, follow some of the above tips to get your relationship back on track.

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