Ideas in How To Get Your Husband To Love You Again

Published: 03rd August 2010
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You may find that you feel like your husband is a stranger to you, and you desperately want to learn how to get your husband to love you again.

Here you will find the advice you need to bring your marriage back to life and get your husband to fall in love with you again.
Here are some of the common mistakes you'll want to avoid

Men are not inclined to talk about their emotions, and forcing them to will not help. Many see sharing their feelings as a feminine, "girly" thing.

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If you angrily insist he should find time to share he will become resistant to the suggestion even more.

While your intentions may be good, pressuring this issue can quickly work in reverse on you.
You should not be surprised if your husband doesn't understand you, or instinctively know what your needs and feelings are.

You should understand that while you feel your marriage is dying, there is a really good chance your husband has no idea that you feel this way.

Always avoid comparing your spouse to other friends' husbands. This is a surefire way to demolish your husband's ego down and cause him to feel inferior.

Even if you feel like one of your friend's husbands is more affectionate to her more than your husband loves you, saying that to your husband is only petty and will only lead to a fight.

This will do nothing more than let your husband feel inadequate, and if he feels like he can never measure up then he might completely give up.

These are very common mistakes that can stop your relationship from improving. But there are ways to get your husband to love you again, the way he did when you were newlyweds.

Let him know that regardless of the way you are feeling you are appreciative of him.
Namely, you should offer him compliments and display gratitude for the things he does for you.

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Ascertain how to appeal to your husband's desires and needs. Find which things about you he enjoys the most. Doing this could be tricky, but you know the old saying that "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus".

But if you take the time to think about it, you will come across the perfect thing. Because no two people are alike, what helps you learn how to get your husband to love you again will not help another couple.

Perhaps your spouse feels jaded about home life and is interested in doing some traveling. As soon as you figure this out, the answer will become apparent.

He could be feeling that he is in a rut at his job, and is after your support while he looks for a worthwhile career.
Or could be he is just suffering from a lack of attention.
If you have children you know that your focus is normally on them, perhaps you need to do more things as a couple.

Occasionally, you could shift some of that energy to the actual relationship.

For instance, you could organize a weekend holiday with just the two of you. Avoid making this the first topic of discussion, and just hand the tickets to him.

Even enjoying a night out at the movies or dinner once a week could be adequate.

Finding a man who will love you, spend the rest of his days with you and take care of you won't be an easy task.
It's worth it to try and fix your marriage

We hope this article has taught you how to get your husband to love you again, with this advice you're ready to begin trying to put that spark back into your marriage.

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