How To Get Your Ex Wife Back - 5 Steps to Reconciliation

Published: 07th November 2011
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What can at first come as a challenge is learning the best way for how to get your ex wife back. Regardless of what may have lead to this situation, below you will find some good steps for how to get your ex wife back.

Step One Make Casual Contact

What needs to be understood here is that you mustn't come on too strong. While the thought of either writing a long winded letter or calling her up on the phone and conveying your feelings about them and the relationship may be on the forefront of your mind, you should resist this urge. As it's often an ineffective tactic when it relates to working towards how to get your ex wife back. And, sometimes giving her a simple phone call to them or an email to see how she is can be much better. Then, to improve your communication, try giving her a call once a week until you feel that you've regained your normal sense of communication.

Arrange a Date

After reestablishing some level of friendly connection again see if she'd be alright meeting up somewhere. Be sure to keep the meet up casual and brief. Do not ask her to dinner and then make a reservation at the most extravagant restaurant around. Instead, suggest a casual lunch or a quick cup of coffee. The goal here is to create trust and to show her that you can enjoy the company of each other again. A common misstep in how to get your ex wife back is to put too much pressure on her. This will only lead her to retract further away. Keep in mind that this whole purpose should lead to re-establishing a lengthy relationship together. Even though it may require some patience, it will pay off in the long term.

Make the Date Count

When you first get together you must not fixate on the faults of the relationship or how empty you feel without her. It is when you should present yourself at your best.

Tell her interesting stories about people you both know, give her the details on any positive advancements you've made and be sure to show that you have a rich and happy life. Showing any feelings of neediness is the last thing she'll want to find.

Let Her Take the Reins

If you're able to get her to spend the afternoon or evening with you hopefully you'll have her wanting more. On the next day shoot her across an email to inform her what an enjoyable time you had with her. While, keeping this message brief and to the point.

In this step of how to get your ex wife back, it's normal for you to want to immediately set up the next date or ask leading questions to try and gauge what she's thinking. However, if you're patient, she'll come to you with the next date idea.

Show Her That You've Grown

Your ex-wife most likely expressed how she felt during the period of divorce about what she believed to be your short comings or faults. For how to get your ex wife back isolating and taking care of these past concerns is vital. Inform her on the next date that you have taken steps to resolve issues. That way you will be well on your way to getting your marriage back together.

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