Christian Marriage Conflict Resolution Strategies

Published: 11th April 2011
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Christian marriage conflict resolution is something that can be taken on board for marriages that endure difficulties and challenges much like various other relationships out there.

When conflict does arise within a christian marriage, it might often help to refer to the many lessons located in the bible for guidance. Having to deal with arguments, conflicts and set backs is really something universally experienced in most marriages.

Christian marriage conflict resolution invovles the very attributes of patience, compromise, listening and having understanding. Within the bible there are plenty of prime examples of ways in which these can be done for difficulty that lies in a marriage.

The book Samuel one has a story about a husband and wife named Abigail and a husband named Nabal provoked a man named David who set off to kill him and his men. While being in imminent danger, the wife Abigail decided to handle the situation constructively instead of yelling at her husband they managed to save themselves.

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While it may seem easy to criticize your other half when you feel that they are obviously at fault, although the arguing and fighting will only push you both more apart.

Choosing to remain patient, and by reinforcing the commitment you have towards them can infact ensure things seem clearer to them as to the whole situation. They may actually end up believing that they're truly at fault instead.

Patience certainly plays a significant role in marriages and relationship in general, and as expressed in the book of James one it talks about how the more patience one has the more mature they really are.

One need not forget the importance for adequate communication for christian marriage conflict resolution. Otherwise, as you will probably be aware problems only end up growing if there is a lack of communication. It can be useful to begin by exchanging thoughts with one another that might be occupying your mind currently.

Remember that bursting into an argument will not do a great deal of good at all, so it can be best to give it some time and really consider what you really would like to express to them.

By actually sitting back and allowing them to have their say, and listening carefully will ensure that if they have anything they want to share, it has been talked about freely. Also, take a mental note of any questions you'd like to ask having listened to their opinions.

What this does is help ensure a more stable conversation takes place.
While there are times that obtaining outside help for Christian marriage conflict resolution maybe needed.

A trust worthy person that has gone through similar issues in their marriage may be [ideal. Most marriage conflicts are resolvable with a solid commitment to work diligently on the marriage until you succeed.

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